Taku Honeys speak of their environment, with every batch sourced from local farms to the remote, mountainous terrain of New Zealand’s high country – the land of legends. The rich history beautifully reflected in the richness of our honeys.

Our hives are placed in some of the most isolated and rugged areas the country offers, far from spray drift. With clear streams, few people and abundant natural mānuka forests, these conditions are perfect for producing premium quality mānuka honey. These areas are not easily accessible, that’s why our hives are transported by helicopter to ensure we reach the very best locations. 

Our people are committed to the land, and to ensuring the bountiful rivers, enchanting alpine landscapes and rugged wilderness we enjoy today will still be around long after we’re gone.

From the land to your home, we work hard to ensure our honeys carry the qualities that legends are made of.



Taku Honey translates to my honey in te reo Māori. The heart of the Taku brand is a partnership. It began to beat when long time neighbours, the Westervelt Company and Owhaoko B & D Trust Lands formed a connection. A connection firmly anchored in our shared beliefs and commitment to protect the environment.

Together we walk in the footsteps of warriors, our ancestors who protected the land for hundreds of years, to produce our unique Taku Honey products for the enjoyment of customers worldwide.

Our extraction and processing plants are based in Turangi and Taupo, and our beehives are peppered across New Zealand’s rugged Central Plateau, East Cape and Northland.

We are directly involved in production every step of the way, from the land to the hive to the jar – and proudly stand by the authenticity of our products.


"This honey is the real McCoy. Wow, it is a dark rich colour and an explosion of taste in your mouth. It’s not syrupy sweet; tastes medicinal. If this doesn’t do the trick I don’t know what will! Thank you to all, including the bees, [for enabling me] to have this special honey."

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Our customers deserve the best, that’s why every batch of our mānuka honey has undergone comprehensive analysis from an independent authority for purity and authenticity. Look out for the internationally recognised UMF® rating displayed on our products.